Hot Shots  

Our Team, Our Philosophy.....

  • to work within your style of play without changing your game.
  • to provide you with simple tips and suggestions that will help acquire new skills and overcome bad habits
  • to represent tennis as a lifetime sport that offers fun, companionship and clean, healthy competition

Mental Toughness - Bill Gilmour : is well qualified with his intimate knowledge of the world's greatest players to supervise the Mental Toughness program controlling tanking, anger, choking and challengeresponses

Physical Conditioning - Bill Gilmour Jnr: is coordinator of the Physical Conditioning Programs for play at peak performance by improving flexibility, strength, power and endurance through a combination of exercises and circuit training.

Specialised Equipment - John Gilmour: uses the very latest methods of training by the introduction of the Bert Newman and Prince Ball machines and the Slazenger Strokemaster to assist with the coaching of all students

Video Analysis - Instant video replays to correct and analyse strokes is a feature available to all students.

Making Up Lessons - Where a pupil for some special reason is absent from any lesson, then upon request, we will make arrangements for attendance in a substitute class in the current term.


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